Monday, August 1, 2011


Well, we're in Dallas right now as many of you might know. We drove down with my sister, Stacy, and her husband, John, to be here for the birth of own new nephew. And what a sweetheart he is:) I have a post in the makes about him, but for now, I'm digging through the hard drive and want to share an easy recipe I've been crazy about this whole week!

Now, normally I wouldn't really think to post this, but after a few posts on Facebook led to some questions, I thought it might be nice. Plus, who doesn't love iced coffee?!

To start out with, brew coffee as you normally would. I make two cups for every glass I want to make. This will be more than enough!
After you have brewed it, turn off the maker. The coffee needs to be room temperature, and I find it fastest to just set it out on a potholder and leave it until it's ready.

After about two hours, it should be good. Fill a cup up completely with ice cubes (no crushed ice allowed!) and pour the coffee in.

Then flavor it as you would a regular cup. I usually do two teaspoons of sugar and a bit of cream (I love sweet coffee!). The actual pump coffee flavoring would be delicious, but I'm content with our mocha Coffee Mate. Can you see why this is my favorite step?

Stir and enjoy!

A great suggestion from Martha Stewart Living is to pour the extra coffee into an ice tray and freeze it. This will avoid watering down and give you extra caffeine. That's why I have brown ice cubes. It's so great that way!

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