Wednesday, June 30, 2010

An Apology, An Explanation, and A Concert.

So yes, I have been away for quite a long time. I apoplogize for that, but I can explain! So my computer has been down. I have the Best Buy Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Program (I had to push that stupid title for a few too many months!) on it, but apparently, it is due to a bad hard drive, and it would cost $130 for them to back it all up. I can just get an external hard drive for nearly half that, but getting that $70 (or rather, saving it) is rather hard with my current paycheck, so I still haven't gotten one yet! Blogging without a computer of your own is rather hard, and I'm currently typing this up on a TINY netbook. But I'm trying!
Anyway, last night, I went with Sarah Huff and Michelle Mitev to see Eisley! What a great show! They are all so sweet and talented. And on top of that, cute! Four of the five members are siblings (the fifth is a cousin). And to make it sweeter, their younger sister, Christie, opened up with their brother, Colin. And to top it all off, their dad is their manager! Seriously.
Christie and Colin were really great! We talked to Christie a bit after the show, and she was really nice and down to earth. Here's a video of her. You can't really see Colin, but I will tell you he pulls off suspenders really well!

The next band was The Lion and the Sail. They were good as well, you just couldn't hear much vocals. The guitarist did look like Jon Steudeman, though!

And lastly, there was Eisley! They were so great! Seriously, I went in liking them and came out rather smitten!

For starters, they had a great sound. You can tell that they don't alter too much with technology. They stayed consistent with their album sound.

They also stayed entertaining. They chatted with the audience and were down to earth. They talked about their new iPhones a little bit, and you could constantly see the drummer in the corner breaking his out, taking videos of his cousin. That was great in and of itself. He would random signal his cousin playing the bass to look over and would point to the phone, hidden by his foot or cymbal, and just smile. His cousin just shook his head and made goofy faces towards it.

They handled things well. Halfway through, this horrible screech came through the monitors and sounded for at least thirty seconds. At least. They stopped playing after about five and held their ears, then started laughing a bunch. "This is a sign that we should never play that song again," one of them said. They continuously joked about it throughout the night and carried on. But they were never rude about it.

They were adorable. The previously mentioned drummer, Weston (as I just found out), wore suspenders as well. Sherri, one of two guitarists, wore the cutest green dress, which she referred to as her "Peter Pan" dress. And as they went off stage, they thanked everyone for coming. They walked through and told people that along their way. Seriously, they are so sweet!

If you haven't listened to them, check them out!

They really are great people! Please enjoy and sorry again for the hiatus!