Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Picnic Day!

This morning was so beautiful. I decided to postpone the boys' lesson until after nap so we could go outside before it reached 100 (silly August!).

This summer has been pretty warm, and we've been couped up for far too long. I jumped at a chance to get some fresh air.

As soon as we got outside, the boys began to do what they do best.

For Gabe, it was playing with tractors in the dirt:

And for Liam, it was picking up as many gumballs as he possibly could to inspect them:

Followed by some brotherly bonding:

The weather was far too nice to resist, so I decided to introduce the kids to something new:


This was an adventure all in itself. The boys were having a hard time actually sitting down on the blanket, and the flies were everywhere. Eventually we threw them our crust as a sort of peace treaty.

See what I mean? Ridiculous.

At the end of it, all either of them wanted to do was steal my water bottle, look at Bryce's car, and for some reason, yell "PISTON CUP!" It maybe wasn't the smoothest picnic ever, but we had a ton of fun.

Anyway, this week has been great, and I think the blog has a lot to do with it. It holds me accountable and encourages me to do more exciting things with them.
I've been a lot more patient, too. The fits haven't exactly stopped, but I typed up some pretty detailed daily sheets for everyday so I could keep track of these and also the potty training efforts. I think observing patterns might be key in helping both of these things, so I'm trying to do it as much as possible. We'll see how it goes!

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