Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

I'm slowly getting better at this whole "blogging" thing...slowly.

I realized I don't really blog about my own life, and I wanted to change that. I never bring my camera places, so I miss out on a lot. This weekend, I went to two weddings and had my bridal shower, but I have no pictures of either. Yeah, I'm a dummy. So my goal for June? Document more. And get married. But mainly just take a bunch of pictures.

So to start off, on Memorial Day, we had a church picnic.

 Picnic food is the best. For real, check out that cake!

 The caps from mine and Bryce's Jones :)


For some reason, every time I have the camera, we have at least three pictures of trees. I should be banned.
Apparently, football is really hard.

Anyway, I know I promised an update about everything right now, but to be honest, we're still not sure about it. Friday, though, I swear I'll post!

xoxo Lindsay