Monday, August 22, 2011

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been Part 2

Okay, yeah. So I felt that last one needed to be broken up into two parts. Ready to hear where I'm going? Good, because I've made a list:

This is my goal list. In case you can't read my extremely sloppy handwriting (hey, not even my husband can), I'm putting them on here.

1) Learn to crochet - I really want to get this skill down before we have babies. I want to be able to make them afghans. Also, I want to learn how to make a granny square so I can make a really awesome, big blanket.

2) Cook meals at least three times a week - I haven't cooked much at all since marriage, and I really want to become a darn good cook.

3) Redesign the blog - Ehh...not as high of a priority, but I really want to like it every time I see it,

4) Start up Etsy - True followers and friends might remember when I swore to do, two years ago.

5) Learn to sew clothes - So I can look all spiffy.

6) Learn my way around a camera - I'm learning a ton this fall!

7) Get home completely organized - Have they really not made magic genies for this yet? Come on, modern scientists...get on it!

8) Work out everyday - I'm trying to run every other day. Anything to avoid the dreaded P90X...

9) Let little things go; don't harbor as much - This is a pretty universal goal, I think.

10) Get house decorated - Seriously, that orange wall has got to go...

11) Collect/make art for the house - Our walls are oh so bare.

12) Bike ride at least once a week - I tried this two Saturdays ago. I popped a tire a mile away from my house and had to walk it back. A night of bad dreams about creepy men was followed by a long walk home where everyone drove past slllooooowwwwwllllllyyyyyy to stare at me. Awesome.

13)Become a better thrifter - My budget will thank me later.

14) Completely cut out soda - Hello, my name is Lindsay, and I've been soda-free for a week.

15) Read my Bible everyday - Good idea, trust me.

16) Read ten books - I'm currently reading Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee. It's a historical account of the Trail of Tears, and it only took me about three years to start reading it.

17) Cut out as much internet as possible - Sorry Beibs, I just can't keep virtually stalking you like this. I hope you'll understand.

18) Get hair healthy - Said the fake blonde.

19) Do two craft shows - I wish I knew a cool rap song about money. The best I could come up with was: Gotta get that bling bling bling. I'm not very hip.

20) Write more - There once was a princess named Lindsay, and she loved unicorns very much. No, in all honesty, I do love to write. I just don't do it often enough. Practice makes perfect. Please don't judge me for that last blog post.

21) Stop being so apologetic - My wonderful sisters gave the toast at our wedding. They made an acrostic poem using the letters of FICKAS for my characteristics. For "a", they used "apologetic." The guests all cracked up in agreement. I'm sorry, okay?

22) Invest more into these kids - Gabe will be potty-trained and all alphabetic by the time I'm done with him. Maybe he can even make up awesome words like his nanny. Who knows?

So there. I have until December 28 to start becoming totally awesome. And then? Then I'm giving myself twenty-three goals (See what I'm doing?). I am, afterall, a work in progress. I think it's time to set that forward:)

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