Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some more lovin'

My mind is off thinking of some lovely things! Allow me to share:)

1) This dress, found on Anthropologie. Honestly...what's not amazing about it (disregarding price, of course!)

2) This magical room! I'm thinking of doing it when I switch rooms. It would be wonderful to fall asleep and wake up to!

3) This girl! Amanda and I hung out tonight and got thoroughly creeped out by The Lovely Bones. It was rather fun (and much needed:)

4) This great band. Jason Schwartzman is rather fantastic by all regards!

5) Umm...how great (and positively dorky) is this tattoo? If only I didn't swear off all ink:)

6) Who is up for a sheet fort night? Seriously. How could that not be a great thing?!

Well, that's all for tonight! Sweet dreams!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh Betty Draper

So today i realized that Mad Men+Spring+a love of dresses=bad thing.
Why, you may ask?
Because every time Betty Draper comes on the screen, all I can focus on is her fabulous dresses! She has some of the prettiest floral dresses I have ever seen! It makes me wish I could have lived in the sixties! [sigh]

and of course you can't forget about the Betty Draper Barbie!

Perhaps I need a knock-off?

I know I promised an Etsy today, and it has been started, but before i post things, I need to figure a few more thins out. Shall we shoot for five listed items by next Saturday?

Yes, I suppose we shall!
Goodnight! xoxo

Saturday, May 1, 2010


So today shall be the day I start my Etsy! Yay! Here comes Little Miss Sassafras!
Here's a peek at a few bows that will be on there!

And some past bows

And a glimpse of my week!

Bryce and i went to a Cardinals game on Wednesday! We did this thing where you go to the Stadium at 9:00 the morning of the game and wait in line for a voucher. The tickets are only $5.50, but the seats could be anywhere from standing room only to front row first base seats. This is the view from ours. I'd have to say we did pretty well:)

I went with Bryce's family to Crown Candy last night and got a strawberry malt. Rather sweet! This is a little less than 1/4 of the entire malt. See the silver things behind it? The malt comes out in that, and you pour it yourself. They have a challenge where you can try to drink five whole ones in a half an hour for some free malts. The guy from Man vs. Food tried it and lost about four in. I couldn't even finish half of one! The only thing i lost out on, however, was a veggie burger. Had I done the whole thing, Bryce said he would put one on the menu for his restaurant someday...too bad!

Oh, and remember that thing protruding from Jon's face (also known as a beard)? Well, i was there as he shaved it off at 12:00 AM. Say so long!

I will post later when the Etsy is up! Until then, enjoy this wonderful song from Cake!