Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dallas: Vignette Style

I'm not going to lie...I really would like an iPhone. Unfortunately, Sprint doesn't offer them. And my husband is kind of anti-Apple. For example, this is his shirt that he wears proudly:

And when he walks into the Sprint store, all of the employees compliment it. It's a really sick system. And I can't really argue computers with him, because he's majoring in Computer Science. Yeah.

I think I mainly like the apps. And the sound. And the look. And the smell. And the...yeah, let's get back to apps. Instagram still is exclusive to the iPhone, so I tried pretty hard to find a replacement. And I think I found a pretty good one.

It's called Vignette, and the demo alone is awesome. It has all the vintage filters you could need plus more. My sister, Stacy, downloaded the full version and swears by it. But I really like free things, so I'm holding off.

I put this app into action in Dallas (mainly on the road) and had a blast! So, here's a short summary of my trip with the app:

driving through Oklahoma

Barbeque Restaurant in Dallas. Check out the Album-esque menus and the cups!

Ikea. St. Louis needs one desperately!

Colby may be the cutest baby ever! This last picture reminds me of this:

(this video is STILL super creepy to me!) 

 We lounged around...a lot!

More good food with the entire family!

On our way to Branson for a day.

Bryce does not understand my traveling attire :)

Driving through the Ozarks.

Only in Branson can a hotel like this be cool (and not super cheesy).

Stacy, John, Bryce and I before seeing Yakov. Again, kind of creepy. 

It cracked me up because shortly after Stacy and I really started to play with this app, Drew Porter from the band Showbread tweeted this:

Guilty, I suppose!

And sorry for the lack of variety with the filters. I'm still figuring out which ones are best:)

I'll share more about Dallas (and my sweet, sweet nephew) later. But right now, I have to clean. Hooray?

xo Lindsay

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