Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is very random

Sometimes the best remedy for a three hour class is a grande frappachino...other times, it's not. Let me show you the cycle of a cup of coffee to help you decide.

!) The beginning sip...mmm!
(why yes, there IS a bump-it in my hair:)

@) The I'm-drinking-coffee-therefore-I'm-an-intellectual stage

#) The sudden feeling stage

$) The hyperactivity stage (best not to unleash in formal settings)

%) The woozy what-just-happened stage

and finally...

^) The crash.

Here's my favorite remedy...rather intricate doodles. I think this one took me about an hour!
Anyway, this was a post to help me procrastinate more. Maybe it helped you as well! Have a great night!


Erin Danielle said...

LOL... I love the The woozy what-just-happened stage

Live2Thrive said...

lol! ♥ it!

A said...

Hahaha I love you Lin!