Monday, April 5, 2010

Things I love

Happy April! Yeah, so it's a little late, but what can you do, eh? Anyway, time for some blog love! Yay!

!) Dresses!

I have this thing where I don't really like my legs, so I'm learning how to love them this year! It may be easier in these dresses!
Today's dress!

@) She & Him...and Zooey Deschannel for that matter.

If you know me, you know I wish I could be her! I just got Volume II today! I never knew "adorable" would be an appropriate word to describe an album, but in this case, it works!
#) Pretending I can paint.

I finished this painting today of my dear and I! His grandparent's land gets covered in bluebells each year! It's rather gorgeous! We're both pretty big fans, so I thought it was a good background! And yeah, it is supposed to look kind of cartoon-ish!

$) Trader Joe's and Meatless Meat!

If you have never been to Trader Joe's, GO!!! It's full of healthy (and yummy!) food! Plus they have tons of fair labor/organic/vegetarian/you-name-it food! Pretty much everything I love! And I know that the whole "veggie meat" sounds kind of gross, but it is actually rather great!

I'm really digging these corndogs!

%) Indecisive fingernail polish

I've gone from teal to purple to mint in a week! But I'm not complaining!
and finnnnaaaallllyyyyyyyyy...........
^) SPRING!!!!!!!

Seriously, how can you not love it? And it may seem lame to have one of myself, but it's because I also wanted to display Clair Staples' awesomeness! :) I'm stealing these to make over my blog!

So...does this all make up for the procrastination? I sure hope so:)


A said...

I love everything about this post.

listen_to_it said...

Yay! Thanks!

Mandi said...

ahahaha dangit amanda said exactly what i was going to say! i love everything in it too!

A said...

Haha I win Mandi!

Erin Danielle said...

you have some really awesome taste.

listen_to_it said...

Thank you! Erin, it looks like we share a love for Zooey Deschannel:)