Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photobooth Love

So I may or may not have skipped history to play with photobooth. Backdrop and everything. It's pretty legit!
Oh, and the "backdrop" is my drop clothe for painting. My friends and I decided once to make a sheet fort and decorate the sheets with sayings and lyrics. It has Office quotes plus pretty old lyrics from random bands like Jack's Mannequin, Showbread, Switchfoot, mewithoutYou, Anberlin, Sherwood, the Wedding, the Classic Crime, Emery, and so on and so forth...I was rather hardcore in high school!


A said...

Haha I remember that night! Jon the Jerk had just broken up with me and I kept falling asleep. Not to mention my awesome clothes pin skirt!

listen_to_it said...

Fun night indeed! I want to quote Amanda Lewis, but it will come across terribly! But she does love a certain Mr. Novak! :)