Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Probably one of the coolest things I've ever been given

So I am a tea lover...for sure! And I have this thing for teapots...especially bright yellow ones. Here is the one I REALLY wanted from Teavana!

Pretty, right? Well the only thing is that these sets can cost money! The above set is $100! Anyway, today I went to Bible study and waited in the kitchen with two ladies while Bryce and his dad moved a dryer. I couldn't help but notice the whole time, the women, Ang and Tina, kept rinsing and re-rinsing the most perfect yellow teapot (with the exception of this rather odd wooden handle). Then, after going to great lengths to wash it, they began to discuss how they could replace the handle with beads. One of them turned to me and said, "What do you think?"
"I think it would be really cute!" I said, still admiring it.
"Good!" Said Ang. "Because it's for you!"
I really couldn't believe it. I had just been telling Bryce earlier today how much I wanted one!
Well, Bryce is very good at reading me. The week before, he spotted it in their garage and told his dad that I would die for it. He even considered buying it off of them. But Bryce's dad told them this week how much I would love it, and it would be a neat birthday gift. They decided that tonight was close enough!
Anyway, Tina and I (mainly Tina. She has done beading for quite some time) picked out some beads for the handle

Ta-da! How cool is that? Tina actually made all of the colorful beads herself!
I really love it! It has sort of an Alice in Wonderland feel to it! Plus, it is so meaningful in so many ways! It's truly amazing!

Soooooo....there's that! It's my awesome story! I know there's a lot of reading, so I apologize! I was just so excited:)
Oh, and who needs the Teavana tea set anyhow? I have the coolest teapot in the world!

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Live2Thrive said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a thing for teapots! one day in my future kitchen I'm going to have a big shelf with just a bunch of mismatched teapots.

I love the beaded handle!