Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kids Are Silly

I helped Miss Renee put together the graduation books at work today (I work at a daycare:). They amused me a lot. I thought I'd share some of the pictures that made me smile!

Oscar's. He is a tad bit spacey...all of the time. I like the whole "everyone is trying to get the shiny thing." Nice touch!

Oscar's future occupation: "Man Walking Down the Steps With Parrot." Wonder if that pays well:)

Erika's. Her mother is currently pregnant with another girl. Can't you tell?

Ethan's buddies. Notice they are all carrying guns. What are those vehicles on either side? Ambulances. Yup. So THIS is what we teach the kids!
Brenna's mom and sister both have very curly hair. I just thought this was sweet!

Basically I love these kids so much! I poked a little bit of fun here at the pictures, but truth be told, I have so many pictures from them because I simply can't throw them away! And graduation? I think I will definitely cry at this ceremony! I've known most of these kids since they were two, maybe three. This is just insane! AHHHH!!!

Oh, and speaking of kids, anybody else see this video? I have nothing against MGMT as a band, but this video is rather twisted...John Watson himself may have been the director.

On the bright side, this video does contain Joanna Newsom. She seems like a terrible mother to offense. Oh, and please don't hold one part of the cartoon against me! I'm not really endorsing this, I just wanted your opinions on it!

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