Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Engagement Pictures!

Well hello strangers! I'm sorry for having been so invisible lately. Life is chaotic with wedding planning (53 days!!!) and school and working full-time. Fortunately, I have to watch The Matrix tonight for my online film class, so of course I'm updating my blog!

So this Sunday, my good friend (and bridesmaid:) Clair and I dragged Bryce out to our engagement/future wedding spot/Bryce's grandparents' amazing property to FINALLY take our engagement pictures. I think I mentioned this previously, but their woods are covered in bluebells in the month of April, and Clair, being the wonderful sport that she is, hiked the mile round trip with us to fully seize the opportunity. I think they turned out wonderfully! What do you think?

 Why yes...we did have our picture taken in a deer stand.

Yeah...we're real serious.

Checl out Clair's other lovely work here!

Chances are...I will be blogging more tonight. I mean, this movie is okay, but blogging is a bit more interesting:)

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