Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Lovely Little Post

You have to love Valentine's Day. 
Your Facebook feed becomes clouded with pictures of flowers and jewelry and statuses such as "With my hubby! He's the best!" etc. etc. And at least one person becomes engaged. Out of my "friends," two gave or received that very special ring.
You're probably thinking, "Oh Lindsay, what did you do on Valentine's Day?" Good question. Bryce and I went to his house and watched a marathon of "Auction Hunters." That's right. "Auction Hunters."
We actually had made plans to go to this amazing (and amazingly priced!) sushi place in Fairview Heights, Illinois, but on Saturday, he looked at me and said, "You know, we could just do our Valentine's Date right now."
And I really wanted sushi right then!
Yeah, i know we're super need to remind me.

Anyways, I know it was a few days ago, but I still wanted to post something love related.
On NPR Books, they had posted some work from an illustrator named Sophie Blackall.
It'r rather neat. She takes personal ads from Craigslist's section called "Missed Connections" and turns them into art. 

(all of these were taken from her Etsy)

Also, right now for wedding planning, I'm working on music. Here are some songs I have been considering. They make for a good belated Valentine's Day!

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Still trying to perfect it. I think I want the first dance to be "Why Should The Fire Die" by Nickel Creek. That song has always caused a sigh from my heart. Now to convince the fiance!

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