Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Wedding Spot

Bryce and I knew where we wanted to get married even before the engagement. In fact, I remember this face was once an issue with me. I had been attending the same church since I was nine, and the thought of marrying outside of it was absolutely crazy to me. But he said he always wanted to get married at his grandparents' property. And as I started to go there more, I began to agree.

His grandparents purchased the land and did everything essentially by themselves. They put beautiful details into everything! If you look closely at the side of the stairs, you'll see the carvings his grandpa made, and the pictures on the side were all taken by him.

I love how rustic it all is. The floral wallpaper is probably my favorite! It made for some lovely pictures. 

We didn't get many pictures of the front of the house, so I ripped these from Stacy's Facebook:)

 We had a tent set up in case of bad weather, and it covered the brick patio perfectly. It made for a perfect walkway!

The gazebo is also incredibly special to us. It was built twenty-two years ago for Bryce's parents' wedding!

And here are a few more peeks, just for good measure:)

I honestly couldn't have picked out a more lovely place!

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