Monday, September 6, 2010

Music Monday::Arcade Fire

Eek! I have been a terrible blogger, but this will *hopefully* change! I have my computer back (finally), so it's not as inconvenient!
Anyway, let's get reacquainted with another Music Monday (12:46 AM still counts as Monday:)

I started liking Arcade Fire AFTER Arcade Fire became cool. Do you know why Arcade Fire became cool? Maybe this will refresh your memory:

Yup. They're the ones who made us all want to run in a wolf's outfit with a bunch of monsters. They also used this song for the Superbowl and dedicated all the proceeds to Haiti...pretty cool.

Anyway, I liked the song, but never gave the rest of their stuff a listen. But I had the worst ache to buy a CD the other week at Vintage Vinyl (yeah, I'm terrible), and I had heard that their newest CD, The Suburbs, was amazing, so I decided to give it a shot.

First of all, the packaging was amazing. It was shiny and had this great new CD know the one? And it had the look of a record, just shrunk down a ton.

And then I listened to their music and fell in love with their wonderful, mostly upbeat sound.

And then I wiki-ed them and found out it's fronted by a husband and wife, which usually makes things cooler, at least in my opinion.

So I fell hard for the band in their entirety. Have you? If not, it's time.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones didn't have my favorite song posted yet. Here's "Half Light II (No Celebration)"


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