Monday, August 16, 2010

So after a series of confusions, I have the week off! And how wonderful, considering it is my last week of Summer! So I'm spending it catching up with friends, crafting (less than two weeks until market day! yikes!), and relaxing. But on top of this, I'm challenging myself.
So here it is. I realize that I tend to get a little bit too wrapped up in how I look (ladies, don't we all?), and I decided to try to break away from this. So for the week, I'm only wearing my clothes (I borrow too much from my sister and my mom), and avoiding heating irons (except for my bangs...I think this is rather understandable:). As most of you know, this last one is pretty major for me. My hair is either always curled or straightened, and boy does it show it! So I'm spending this week letting it breathe and just being content with what I have...especially my skirt and dress collection:) Take that world! Whew!

Oh dear. This is word-heavy! I guess I will put up a picture:)

So does anyone else think porcupines are adorable? I know it's a bit odd, but they are so quirky and cute!

P.s. All these images were snagged from the ever-wonderful


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