Friday, January 29, 2010

My newest aspiration!

So I have a confession to make: I love buying little kid clothes. And yes, usually there is a reason such as a baby shower, but still! They are so stinking cute! This is a dress I bought down in Cancun. It's getting saved for a niece or someone special! :) Isn't it precious?
Anyway, on Saturday, I was walking through the coolest antique store ever, Annie laurie's (worthy of its own post) when I saw this sweet little dress.

Yeah, I know, rather Casper-ish, but still, it was so darling! And it came with the cutest little hat! Anyway, all this goes to say that I am going to attempt to make a little dress of my own based very loosely on this one! Just to see how it goes! When that gets started, I'll probably share! But who knows? I most likely will become the Chanel of preschool kids! (Just let me dream!)

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